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Cedar Valley Cloth Co.

Splat - CVC Pocket Diaper

Splat - CVC Pocket Diaper

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The Fabric

Pocket diapers: a flexible start to your cloth diapering journey! Our pocket style of diapers are made with a waterproof PUL outer layer and a soft, easy to clean grey athletic wicking jersey interior. The interior cloth wicks moisture away from your little ones skin keeping them feeling dry for longer! The waterproof belly panel helps to stop moisture from wicking up onto babies' clothes. A happy, comfy baby equals a happy parent! 

The Fit

Cedar Valley Cloth Co. diapers are made to provide a customizable, comfortable fit that keeps your little one feeling happy and you feeling confident. Our newest diapers boast generous 3 x 5 rise snaps, and adjustable double hip and waist snaps to accommodate your little one as they grow (how do they grow so quickly?!). The wings of our diapers also include crossover snaps for when your baby is extra little or for rolling up a dirty diaper when you are out and about. These diapers are designed to fit most children from 8-60lbs (3.6 - 27.2kg).

The Details

"Wait, why is this snap facing the wrong way?" This was my thought the first time I saw an inverted snap.. But it didn't take long for me to fall in love with them! That is why it was a *must* for our diapers! This handy little snap allows you to attach your inserts to the inside of your diaper making stuffing diapers a little less... tedious. 

Hellooooo elastic sealed pocket! The back side of the diaper has a wide elastic sealed opening with plenty of stretch allowing you to place your insert(s) of choice into the pocket for customized absorbency. The ample pocket space makes the adjusting process quicker and easier and the wider elastic style lays flat against your little one's back giving a better seal and an enhanced comfort fit. 

The Process

Shake any solids into the toilet. Remove inserts from the diaper and store in a wet bag or diaper pail. When you have enough soiled diapers for a load, place the separated diapers and inserts in the washing machine. Prewash hot with detergent, main wash hot (longest cycle available) with detergent and an extra rinse. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low. To avoid stains, repelling, and detergent buildup, do not use zinc-based diaper creams, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, bleach, or too much detergent.


8 - 60lb OS pocket diaper 

Waterproof PUL outer layer

Grey AWJ inner layer

Waterproof tummy panel

Wide Back Elastic

3 x 5 rise snaps

Double hip/waist snaps

Dirty closure / smaller sizing snaps

Interior insert snap

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Jessica Donovan
One of our fav diapers

Great quality - print is adorable ( my fav in our stash now lol), fit is great and shipping was fast.

Elisabeth Racine

Thank you!!
Very well wrapped with lots of love. Good quality products for sure!
Sadly for us though, a little too small even if my son fits the weight range.


Absolutely stunning. This diaper (and brand) have amazing material and prints. I am constantly astonished at how much absorbency I can fit in one of these diapers. So happy with them!


Really great neutral solid


So glad I got this print. It’s even more beautiful in person