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[NEWBORN] Raven - CVC Pocket Diaper

[NEWBORN] Raven - CVC Pocket Diaper

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The Fabric

Pocket diapers: a flexible start to your cloth diapering journey! Our pocket style newborn diapers are made with a waterproof PUL outer layer and a soft, easy to clean grey athletic wicking jersey interior. The interior cloth wicks moisture away from your little ones skin keeping them feeling dry for longer! The waterproof belly panel helps to stop moisture from wicking up onto babies' clothes. A happy, comfy baby equals a happy parent! 

*This product was made using stock fabric colors and has a slightly different texture than custom printed fabrics*

The Fit

These newborn pockets are designed with a 3x4 rise system allowing for a customized fit that both you and your baby will love. The umbilical snap holds the fabric away from the healing umbilical cord while the double hip/waist snaps create a perfect leg seal while minimizing leaks. Needing a little extra snugness around the legs or waist? Both our newborn and OS diapers offer crossover snaps which create an extra snug fit for smaller babes while doubling as a dirty closure snap for when you want to contain the mess for on the go diaper changes. We love a versatile product!

Our newborn diapers fit approximately 5-20+lbs however each individual baby's body shape may affect their overall fit.

The Details

Hellooooo elastic sealed pocket! The back side of the diaper has an elastic sealed opening with plenty of stretch allowing you to place your insert of choice into the pocket for customized absorbency. The ample pocket space makes the adjusting process quicker and easier. We love the double hip snaps which allow for a customized, snug seal around the legs. A good seal = less blowouts = happy parents!

The Process

Shake or spray any solids into the toilet. Remove inserts from the diaper and store in a wet bag or diaper pail. When you have enough soiled diapers for a load*, place the separated diapers and inserts in the washing machine. Prewash hot with detergent, main wash hot (longest cycle available) with detergent and an extra rinse. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low. To avoid stains, repelling, and detergent buildup, do not use zinc-based diaper creams, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, bleach, or too much detergent.

*You can also bulk up your load with children's clothes, cloths, and hand towels or toss in some mega blocks or washing jacks for added agitation. Having ample agitation is crucial for getting your diapers clean. For help with your wash routine, please check out our VIP group on Facebook linked at the bottom of the page.


5 - 20lb Newborn pocket diaper 

Waterproof PUL outer layer

Grey AWJ inner layer

Waterproof tummy panel

3 x 4 rise snaps

Double hip/waist snaps

Dirty closure / smaller sizing snaps

Umbilical cord snapdown

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing print and fit

Has been so good with my infant. Wish I had gotten newborns before he came as they are so convenient.

Contains everything

No blowouts with this diaper and of course the black is so classy. I don’t worry about gaping at all.

Great fit

Have been using this since my infant was about 4 weeks old and have been loving the fit. Much less bully than using and OS at this stage.