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XL Canadian Wool Dryer Balls

XL Canadian Wool Dryer Balls

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These solid wool dryer balls are handcrafted from Canadian wool in Calgary, Alberta. They come in both natural and dyed options. The dyed balls come in a variety of colors which will not run onto your clothing. Naturally colored balls are just that - natural! The beautiful cream color comes from natural color of the sheep's wool! 

- Dryer balls can reduce drying time by up to 30% or more

- They are made from sturdy Canadian wool making them last for 1,000 uses or more

- Wool dryer balls naturally soften your clothing

- Dryer balls help to reduce static in natural fibre clothing


* Each set comes with three dryer balls in a cotton bag

* Colored sets come with randomized, mixed colors and may not include what is shown

* Color may appear slightly different in person due to dye lots, computer screens, lighting, etc.

* Recommended to only be used with natural fibers as synthetic fibers can lead to static. If used with synthetic fibers, The General Bean recommends dryer balls be placed in a pillowcase and sealed with an elastic band, then washed on cold without detergent to recharge the balls.

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Customer Reviews

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Save on drying time

I used to have to dry our inserts for 140 minutes (2 dry cycles) on high heat. With these GAINT ones the inserts were dry after only 90 minutes. They are so beautiful as well!!



Jennie rande
Best by far!

The dryer balls are huge! And do an amazing job on cutting down drying time on inserts!

Brittany Jarvis
Not kidding about XL!

I’ve bought dryer balls in the past and they were less than underwhelming. CVC xl dryer balls are MASSIVE and I absolutely love them. Very happy with my purchase!