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6-Layer bamboo Terry Inserts

6-Layer bamboo Terry Inserts

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Our 6-layer bamboo inserts are made of highly absorbent bamboo viscose. These inserts are soft, flexible, and trim making it easier to fit clothing over your little one's fluff butt. The 6 layers of bamboo viscose material are quick to absorb moisture and have a high capacity to retain liquids. These inserts do not bacon when dried which makes stuffing your diapers that much easier!

Our inserts are fitted with a snap to allow you to attach the inserts into the diapers. This makes straightening the insert while stuffing that much easier as well as stops the insert from shifting when your little one is on the move! 


6 layers of highly absorbent bamboo terry

  • 82% Bamboo viscose 
  • 18% Polyester 

"What is 'Bamboo Viscose'?" Great question! In Canada, textile laws state that fabrics made from bamboo cannot be labelled solely as "bamboo" and need to be labelled based on the process used to extract the cellulose from the plant to be created into a fibre. In the case of these inserts, the viscose method was used which is why the material is labelled as bamboo viscose or viscose from bamboo. And that is your mini intro to textile laws! :)


Prior to use, please run the product through your regular wash routine to prep.

Shake solids into the toilet. Rinse the insert and diaper under running water to remove any remaining solids or liquids to help avoid staining. Store in a diaper pail or wet bag until wash day.

Wash in the same way you would your diapers: prewash: normal cycle, hot water, heavy soil with detergent. Main wash: Heavy duty, hot water, heavy soil, double rinse with detergent.

Hang to dry or tumble dry on low/medium heat. Please note, air drying can cause inserts to feel stiff or crunchy. If you prefer hanging to dry, running a short cycle in the dryer on air dry after the inserts have finished hanging to dry will reduce the stiff feeling and make them softer for your little one.


Before Prep: 13.5in x 5.5in

After prep: 13in x 5.25in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

My go to inserts! Love that the white lined aren't as noticeable through light coloured prints, plus they are super absorbant and soft.


Love these can’t wait to buy more

Katrina Carroll
Unbelievable absorption!

My 6 month old is a heavy wetter and we struggled with filling other inserts in an hour which lead to leaks, I tried these 6 layer bamboo inserts and was so shocked! We can go over 3 hours and it’s still not fully soaked! They hold so much pee yet are very trim, the snap is so nice and makes stuffing diapers so much easier and quicker! We love them so much!


Favorite inserts!!

Sydney D
Sydney D

The 6 layer inserts are by far my favourite inserts I've tried! No leakage and last a super long time. Very fluffy and soft. I only have great things to say and really appreciate the white edging since white awj inserts are so hard to come by!