• Cost Effective

    As stated in Healthline, in the first year of life babies go through 3000 diapers on average and at around $0.20/diaper, these costs can add up quickly.


    Although it depends how often you wash, a good starter stash consists of 24 diapers (give or take). At $12.50 a diaper, this would cost approximately $300 plus the cost of your insert of choice to get started. The initial investment may seem comparatively high, but long term it has the potential for savings in the thousands! Cloth diapers can be used for years and for multiple children.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Did you know that in North America alone around 30 BILLION diapers a year are thrown into landfills? Due to the synthetic materials used to make them, they can take 500+ years to break down.


    "But what about the energy used to wash them?"

    Disposable diapers take approximately 9 gallons of water PER DIAPER to produce. HE machines use around 30-60 gallons for two cycles which, for us, washes around 22-24 diapers. To produce the same number of disposable diapers would have required ~200 gallons of water!

  • Health Effects

    Tributyltin, dioxins, adhesives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, sodium polyacrylate, polymers, pthalates, etc...

    Disposable diapers contain all of these and more. Dioxins are well-known carcinogens linked to long term health problems and are produced during the bleaching process whereas other ingredients, like pthalates, are used in adhesives and dyes and can cause adverse reactions, especially for children.

    We all want what is best for our babies and that includes what we put on their skin. Cloth diapers allow parents to control exactly what our kids are exposed to.

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